Hangzhou silver age Accessories Co. Ltd
focus on urban women to create exquisite fashion,
jewelry and related fields are focusing on fashion communication aesthetics,
has become a comprehensive fashion across the silver, K gold, jewelry, jewelry accessories and related industry group.

Enterprises in 1998
silver age created in Hongkong engaged in jewelry trade,
product marketing around the world, the founder of miss Qiu Yuanfang
to capture the consumption trend of fashion accessories, decided to build the new fashion of leading Oriental jewelry, silver era was born.

In 2005,
the mainland brand operating company,
the company's main brand fashion silver founder "silver era",
and have created a high street fashion brand "gold flower international",
traditional silver jewelry brand "SA", men's accessories brand "Tou Ming Zhuang"personality and cooperative design brand new gold "Hua Gu Gu",
and actively extend the related field of fashion,and strive to lead the consumer level and in more detail and the creation of fashion lifestyle. By opening the mainland brand
chain operation model, from a single monopoly shop into
"online multi-channel" and "offline high-end"
seamless new model.





In 2015,

the "Silver Age" English abbreviation "SA" as an upgraded brand logo,
to the "Silver Age" (SA) jewelry brand collection store (cheap jewelry + fashion classic silver) in the form of first-line shopping malls settled.

yuanfang Qiu :


Fashion jewelry founder silver age (SA) is founded by the founder of Qiu distant lady in 2005, "silver era" silver jewelry upgrade from the jewelry collection brand. In the late 1990s, Ms. Qiu Yuanfang, who was a successful actress in the advertising industry, was passionate and inspired about jewelry design, incorporating fashion and fashion insights into jewelry design. After many years of the main silver brand "Silver Age" business, and tried other accessories brand creation, determined to create more diversified jewelry. Therefore, the silver age (SA) brand in addition to product categories and styles richer, ultimate, but also carries through the jewelry to lead Chinese women's awareness of fashion mission. The silver age (SA) brand bearing MS Qiu Yuanfang jewelry attitude "light at the light free bloom, broke the pattern of traditional jewelry category single, unique use of various fashion elements and materials of the original design, the interpretation of the concept of jewelry jewelry has been Yue, Yue ceremony decoration", so that each release belongs to urban women your are light.


Silver age founder / Chairman

In the 90s of last century,
the predecessor of the silver company i
n Hongkong engaged in foreign trade jewelry,
products are exported to Europe and the United states.
Beautiful footprints
on the road
  • Silver Ageless (SA) works come from emotion and nature, personality, romance, simplicity, insist on the understanding of fashion and design. Sub brands includ modern Silver ageless, exquisite Huagugu and personalized Toumingzhuang.
  • Silver Ageless (SA) jewelry designers come from France AFEDAP FORMATION BIJOU Institute, the United States Rochester Institute of Technology and other world-renowned jewelry design institutions. They are talented and experienced in jewelry design.


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