London July 14th news: Shanghai's first fashion field of life science and technology innovation contest "lattice award global fashion Kechuang contest" 2017 first on the upcoming contest in September this year. Fashion and technology, two seemingly different fields, all have a great influence on people's lifestyle. The competition aims to integrate technology with fashion, to tap a number of technology and lifestyle products to enhance the quality of life and to help designers achieve their entrepreneurial dreams. Build Shanghai Style Fashion Technology Award for global fashion contest starts by lattice
Caption: exhibition experience of entries

Reporters learned that, the first competition since January this year, has been in the global collection and selection of scientific and technological innovation related to fashion creative works. The preliminaries will be held this month 9-10. The competition team will invite a number of world leaders, academics, authoritative media and other experts to be responsible for the review. Shanghai Municipal Industrial Commission by letter office director Liu Boying said, "on the grid global fashion conform to the construction of Shanghai international innovation contest are strategic thinking, the future will not only be carrying an event, it is the service integration platform are branch resources.
The organizing committee also set up a special lattice lattice fashion club, innovation fund, promoting the fashion industry resource integration and industrial upgrading, promote the development of social fashion by industry, promote industrial upgrading, to stimulate the consumer market.